Juniors at Mona Vale


Golf stands out as an inclusive sport, uniquely suitable for children irrespective of their physical strength, speed, or stature. Beyond its apparent simplicity, the game of golf is one of rules and etiquette, golf imparts valuable life skills, instilling discipline and a sense of sportsmanship. 

Engaging in golf helps mold children into polite and composed individuals, offering practical lessons for navigating real-world challenges. Encouraging young people to play golf is an investment in their physical and character development, laying the foundation for a well-rounded, healthy, active and resilient future.

Our Junior Development Officer, Jack McLeod, has created a Player Pathway that helps juniors learn new skills and develop as players, at their own pace. The pathway starts at the beginner level and helps players progress all the way through to the elite level. 

Mona Vale Golf Club’s Player Pathway is divided into three main stages; Rookies, Players and JET (Junior Elite Team).


New golfers learn best when engaged in a program that is clear, fun, easy to learn and build new friendships with other kids. Each Rookies session will have a focus on swing fundamentals, short game techniques as well as rules and etiquette. As their confidence grows, so will their skill levels which will allow them to graduate from the Rookies Class to the Players Class.


Once players have an understanding of the basic fundamentals of the game, it’s time to let them experience more of the game itself. If we want our juniors to love the game, then they need to play the game and develop the skills to play it well.

Our Player Clinics are held every Tuesday and focus on improving the skills that they need to perform better on the golf course. Young players haven’t physically developed enough to attempt to hit the ball 250 metres off the tee but we believe that golf is best learned from the green backwards anyway, not from the tee forwards.

The Players Clinic is a games based learning environment where each participant will understand how to perform better under pressure with a mixture of games whether it be on the practice fairway, chipping green, or putting green. At MVGC, we strongly encourage kids to practice with a purpose so that they ready to tackle any tricky situation that they face out on the course either in a tournament or the standard members comp.


The JET team, also known as the Junior Elite Team, is a class held on Monday afternoons for the kids that have attained a GA Handicap and play regularly on the weekend and throughout the school holidays. Each member of the JET Team are also members of our junior representative sides such as the Encourage Shield Team/Junior Pennant Team. 

The JET Team program allows each team member to practice with proven methods on a weekly basis throughout the year the keep their games as sharp and as consistent as they can be, ready for representative season.

CategoryAge RestrictionYearly FeeEntrance Fee
CadetUnder 16yrs$324.00*Nil
Junior 116-17yrs$586.00*Nil
*Prices indicated based on 2023/2024 financial year that concludes 31.7.2024